Every church, no matter how functional or successful, needs regular ministry tune-ups to ensure it is operating to its fullest capacity and calling. One of the services that the Church Coaching division offers is what we refer to as the Secret Sunday Visit.

Led by one of the nations leading church strategists, Topper Reid, and his hand-picked team of church operations specialists, the Secret Sunday Visit is an incognito observation of a typical Sunday morning in real-time. Predetermined and known by only a select few, our Church Coaching unit will worship and fellowship with your congregation, providing an in-depth report of our findings.

Prior to the Secret Sunday Visit, we will collect and analyze critical church data to be used in our review. The final step will consist of a thorough debriefing with your church staff and ministry leaders to share and discuss key areas that need your attention. A few areas that our specialists will evaluate and report on include:

      • Data Analysis
      • First Impressions
      • Small Groups
      • Worship
      • Organizational Structure
      • Church Climate
      • Schedules
      • Campus, Buildings and Physical Environment

If your church is like most, you have areas that need improvement. Our fresh set of trained eyes can help pinpoint those areas, leading to a greater impact of your Sunday morning worship and overall church life and health.

For more information on scheduling your Secret Sunday Visit, contact Topper Reid at treid@unlimitedpartnerships.org.