Hope in the Midst of Devastation

Unlimited Partnerships was formed by Dr. Bill Taylor in response to the destruction sustained at the hands of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The massive storm destroyed much of the Gulf Coast, with New Orleans absorbing the majority of the blow. In the wake of that devastation, church buildings were reduced to rubble, with ministries physically wiped out and their church members left scattered. Unlimited Partnerships saw the need for help and gathered seminary students to assist in aiding and rebuilding those ailing churches and planting new ones.

Dr. Bill Taylor is the founder of Unlimited Partnerships, and the visionary behind this unique ministry. In 2006, as an immediate response to the devastation that Hurricane Katrina wrought on the churches of New Orleans, Dr. Taylor developed a vision for a group that would help these devastated churches spiritually rebuild and grow again.

Dr. Taylor’s new initiative grew out of his concern for raising up a new generation of Christian educators by placing them in a network of pastors, church leaders and mentors to support and encourage them in their role as ministers.

Before beginning Unlimited Partnerships, Dr. Taylor served as the Director of Network Partnerships for LifeWay Church Resources, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. Prior to his role as director, Dr. Taylor served as the overseer of both the Sunday School and the Bible Teaching/Reaching Divisions. After his call at LifeWay was complete, Dr. Taylor served as a Senior Strategist, and also Executive Assistant to the President, for Disaster Relief of the North American Mission Board.

Dr. Taylor’s ministry includes many years of pastoral experience. He has served as the executive pastor of North Phoenix Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona, and as minister of education and administration at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas; University Baptist Church, Coral Gables, Florida; Roswell Street Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia, and First Baptist Church, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Dr. Taylor is the author of several books including 21 Truths, Traditions, and TrendsThe Power to Change LivesSunday School for a New Century and Ten Best Practices. He also produced the video series: Growing Your Sunday School in the ’90s; Teaching to Make a Difference; Growing Your Sunday School in the 20th Century; and 21 Truth, Trends and Traditions.

Dr. Taylor currently lives in the Dallas area where he leads the ministry of UP and is a sought-after speaker and consultant for churches of all sizes.

Our Vision: Strengthen Churches, Develop Leaders

Our vision at UP is to strengthen churches and develop leaders through mentoring, coaching, and training. Our three main UP divisions Church Coaching, Church Mentoring, Church Training offer several unique and innovative services and solutions for church growth and leadership development.

UP Core Values

  • Ministry: UP exists to strengthen the ministry of individuals in local churches.
  • The Local Church: UP desires to strengthen the local church by providing assistance through our sponsored ministry students in search of hands-on ministry experience.
  • The Great Commission: UP is evangelism-centered and desires to demonstrate measurable results in discipleship and kingdom growth through our students.
  • The Body of Christ: UP believes that strengthening local churches will empower the entire Body of Christ.
  • Lay Leadership: UP attests that our lay leaders are some of the churches best resources and that they should be trained, cultivated, and given opportunities to become staff leaders.
  • Mentorship: UP understands the power of mentoring and seeks to develop a strong network of mentors and trainers for our future church leaders to turn to.
  • Leadership: UP believes Godly leadership can be instilled and encouraged; therefore what UP does is leadership-driven.
  • Education: UP believes future church leaders should be properly trained and equipped for ministry through practical experience and Christian education.