Students – Investing in Our Future

We are so excited that you are interested in sponsoring a student through Unlimited Partnerships! Working in concert with recipient churches, sponsor churches make it possible for students to gain practical ministry experience by becoming staff members in recipient churches in need of additional staff support. UP offers several options to provide scholarships for students, affording every opportunity possible to be involved on some level.


Sponsorship Responsibilities

As a sponsoring church, you have the responsibility to support students in a variety of ways. During your sponsorship, we ask you commit to the student in the following ways:

  • Prayer

Pray for the student and church you are sponsoring on a regular basis. We truly believe that the amazing results we have seen in our churches are a result of God working through prayer.

  • Mentoring and Coaching

We ask that someone on your church staff (preferably in Christian education role) will serve as a mentor/coach to the UP student, and maintain contact with that student on a regular basis. We also ask that this person serve as a liaison between the sponsoring church and recipient church and shares the story of the recipient church and student to the sponsoring church body.

  • Financial Support

The cost of an annual student sponsorship is $18,000 ($1,500 per month). Partial scholarships are also available, allowing sponsor churches the opportunity to financially partner up with the recipient church or other sponsor to support the student.

  • Partnering with the Recipient Church in Ministry Projects

Sponsoring churches also have the opportunity to partner with the recipient church to conduct ministry projects that the recipient church deem necessary for growth and development. As a result, we encourage the recipient and sponsoring churches to foster close relationships with one another and partner together as much as possible to strengthen and encourage both churches.

Student Responsibilities

As sponsored and paid for staff members, selected ministry students play various key roles as ministers in Christian Education, Church Growth and Leadership Development. Students are responsible for leading, developing and supporting four key areas in ministry:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Starting New Bible Study Groups
  • Leadership Development

Recipient Church Responsibilities

In recipient churches, students act as ministers in Christian Education, focusing on the four key areas of ministry (see Student Responsibilities). The student works in the church for 20 hours a week in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, starting new Bible Study units, and leadership development.

As the recipient church you will be responsible for the following:

  • Mentoring the student during their time of service
  • Attending monthly training sessions with the student
  • Paying a monthly administration fee of $200

For more information on becoming a Sponsor Church, contact Dr. Bill Taylor at 940-268-9947 or email