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How Unlimited Partnerships Works:

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By partnering with local churches, seminaries, Christian universities and denominational organizations, we are able to place students into local churches as staff members, benefiting all partners involved. While the concept of placement is not new, UP accomplishes it in an innovative and unique way.

Through our partnerships in each of our Chapter Locations, we identify churches in key areas that are in need of additional staff and support. We then select students from local seminaries or universities and pair them with the church in need.

As staff members, students are given responsibility for four specific areas:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership Development
  • Starting New Bible Study Groups

UP provides students and their pastors with mentoring, networking, and training from a national pool of proven leaders. We have found that the best way to accomplish our goal is by taking student leaders from campuses across the country and placing them in a healthy local church, where they gain practical ministry experience and, unlike interns, are full staff members with full staff responsibilities.

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