[toggle type=”white” title=”What is the purpose of Unlimited Partnerships?”]UP seeks to strengthen churches and develop leaders through mentoring, coaching, and training. Our three main UP divisions Church Coaching, Church Mentoring, Church Training offer several unique and innovative services and solutions for church growth and leadership development. [/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”In what ministry roles do the students serve in these churches?”]These are ministry staff positions. The students are called by the local church. The responsibility is in the Christian Education Program.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”What are the specific areas of responsibility?”]The specific areas of responsibility are: Leadership Development, Discipleship, Evangelism and Starting New Bible Study Groups.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”What, exactly, does the Unlimited Partnerships experience provide?”]

  • On the job experience
  • Mentoring by a Christian Education practitioner
  • Networking and collaborating with other ministry students serving in their area
  • Monthly training from proven leaders and practitioners from around the country
  • Plugging into a growing network of ministry leaders from campuses across North America
  • Global cooperation of churches, educational institutions, state conventions and associations

[toggle type=”white” title=”What are the expectations of the students?”]

  • Become a member of their recipient church
  • Maintain accountability to his/her supervisor, the pastor of the church
  • Work a minimum of 20 hours a week on the church field (in addition to church services)
  • Maintain academic standards as proposed by the academic institution
  • Provide a monthly one page report to the Chapter Facilitator
  • Attend a monthly Staff Development seminar

[toggle type=”white” title=”What are the responsibilities of the recipient church?”]

  • Supervision, support and encouragement to the student
  • Adequate office space, equipment, materials, and cooperation needed to develop effective ministry
  • A quarterly review to the UP Chapter Facilitator concerning staff partner productivity
  • Financial support to the student

[toggle type=”white” title=”How do I connect with Unlimited Partnerships?”]

  • On the web at www.unlimitedpartnerships.org. Also, find us on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Contact the Chapter Facilitator in your area
  • Attend one of our monthly Staff Development Sessions

[toggle type=”white” title=”Who do I contact for more information on joining UP?”] Contact Dr. Bill Taylor at bill@unlimitedpartnerships.org.[/toggle]